Addressing the foul odor of your urine

If the cause is as simple as diet changes, then the doctor will usually recommend that you take in enough glasses of water to flush out the toxins in your body. For people who emit foul odor from their urine because of dehydration, this is also the best possible way to address this health-care concern.

On the other hand, women who are pregnant will have to pay a visit to their doctor to see if they are not suffering from UTI infections. Pregnant women, especially, are very prone to get UTI episodes and this can be harmful for the baby if not addressed properly. The obstetritian-gynecologist will usually prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection and kill the bacteria so that this will not affect them anymore.

If you have foul smelling urine because of medications prescribed to you by a doctor, you have to verify with your physician if the smell is just a normal event that usually happens to a person taking that drug. If the doctor says so, then you do not have anything to worry about. However, if the smell really bothers you then maybe you can ask your doctor to change your vitamins so that your urine will not smell bad again.

Tests will usually be conducted by the physician to determine the underlying causes of your foul smelling urine. There is no need to prepare for it because all you have to do is to provide a sample, and the doctor will send it to the laboratory for testing. This will help him/her give you the proper and best diagnosis.

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